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Often, we meet new friends through the college funding process. We’ve found a niche in helping families plan for their kid’s education, and the conversation often starts there. But it’s more than that. We specialize in the college funding to retirement transition.

And it truly is a transition. It starts with a realization that college may be your life’s biggest expense, but you’d also like to put the finishing touches on your retirement plans. The piecemeal process you’ve used in the past is no longer acceptable. You’re ready for a comprehensive approach and an experienced team that understands your story. You want to take care of the kids, but you also want to take care of you.

We’re happy to serve.

Our association with Independent Financial Group allows us to work in markets where we can be most effective. We prefer to go deep, not wide. Like other firms, we provide asset management and retirement planning. But we tend to meet our clients at the time that college funding becomes important.

From there, we’ll use more than 25 years of experience to help you make college realistically happen, and create a retirement of dignity and respect for yourselves.

Our client relationships are long term, often spanning decades. We love what we do, and we love the people we work with. We want to understand what’s truly important to you, because after all money is only a tool. It’s life, love, health, and family that truly matters.

We know the economic, political, and investment environment is certainly challenging. But these are also very exciting times! We believe that smart thinking and paying attention to world around us can lead to opportunities and exciting results. In the end, we’re just as invested in your success as you are.

We believe our strongest asset is the quality – and qualities – of our people. And our office philosophy is designed to maximize that strength. We’ll help you to experience a single point of contact, with a trusted advisory team, that will help you get your financial house in order once and for all.

It truly feels different to work with us.


As full-service financial advisors we can assist you with:

Comprehensive Financial Planning – soup to nuts consulting and planning services to build and deliver the tools you need to make effective life decisions and monitor outcomes over time.

A la Carte Financial Planning – shorter conversations and tighter tools to provide a snapshot of a particular issue or topic.

Separately Managed Accounts – access to best in class professional portfolio management through our institutional investment partners.

Cash flow planning – for college planning, retirement, or business management.

College planning – developing reality based strategies for funding college costs across the spectrum of many children over multiple years of education.

Retirement planning – developing, implementing and monitoring retirement strategies using state of the art software tools and decades of experience.

Investment management – utilize our unique investment philosophy, coupled with state of the art research, to select and oversee exciting investment opportunities.

Estate and Tax Planning Services – quarterbacking your case with our estate planning and tax partners in an effort to keep more of what you have.

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